Hardware Costs
Music Costs

Support – Minimising your running costs

Jaybox offer industry leading technical support ensuring that if you need advice or help with a Jaybox there is always someone available to assist you.
Breakdowns are a major cost to operators in parts, engineer time and lost revenue not to mention the chance of losing a venue if the end user is unhappy with reliability issues.
To that end Jaybox use highly reliable components and have one of the lowest failure rates in the UK and we are the ONLY manufacturer to offer a full 3 year parts warranty. This is combined with a 24/7 technical support service, remote diagnostics, component level access for engineers and a open spares policy all geared towards minimising cost and inconvenience to you and your customers.
Jaybox are the ONLY Jukebox manufacturer that fully designs, builds and develops their hardware and software entirely in the UK ensuring that you will always deal with technical experts who will know every intimate detail of the Jaybox.

Call us now to find out how we can help train and support your technical team.