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Jukebox Running Costs – Minimum cost & Maximum Profit

Accessible components and design

A core principle of Jaybox design is to keep repair costs & down time to a minimum. With that in mind Jaybox was built to allow individual component replacement allowing for rapid site repair rather than the need for an expensive return to base system. This hugely reduces the cost of maintenance and engineer time keeping your Jaybox running and your customers happy.

3 Year parts warranty

Jaybox are the ONLY Jukebox and music supplier that give a comprehensive 3 years parts guarantee on all parts on a new Jaybox.
If any component part fails in the first three years Jaybox will replace it FREE OF CHARGE.
This gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment in a new Jaybox is fully protected for the first 3 years combined with industry leading technical support giving you complete peace of mind.

Open Spares Policy – Flexible and cost effective

It is important to us that customers are satisfied with the cost of their replacement parts.
It is for this reason we have built JayBox using high quality commercially available parts. This enables our customers to establish the most cost effective supply chain possible either through us supplying parts or through their own parts supplier. This speeds up repairs, always ensures you have parts available and reduces component prices.


Reconditioned Parts – Keeping costs down

To further reduce operating costs we provide reconditioned components at significant saving.
We will also issue a credit against any spare supplied on receipt of a repairable like part reducing the cost yet further.
Jaybox are committed to giving you the most flexible and cost effective support in the industry.