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Music & User Friendly
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Jukebox Venue Licensees

People enjoying their favourite tracks will stay longer and will spend more as a result. Music is an important part of any venue and a Jaybox delivers the music your customers want to play.

Music – Its all about the music!

Your customers demand the music they want when they want it. The Jaybox is designed to provide the music your customers want giving them the ability to profile the Jaybox in your venue with the music they want to play. Combine this with our automated music updates, the latest chart music and your customers creating their own playlists you have a jukebox that is tailor made for your venue and your customers.

Easy Interface – Keeping it simple

JayBox interface has been created to be as simple and easy to use as possible making our music fully accessible to all of your customers.
Features such as personal playlists and our highly intuitive and intelligent search function makes finding tracks easier than ever with your customers being able to search by artist, track, year or genre.