Custom Fascias
Digital Audio MFCB – Jukebox Soft Landing System – Powered by Intel
Coin Safe Technology – Expanded Cashbox

Digital Audio MFCB

The Jaybox continues to evolve, so here are the newest extensions to our already feature-packed Digital Jukebox.
Jaybox’ custom built Multi-Function Control Board has been designed to handle coin and card functionality as well as all preamp requirements. This unique PCB is able to take four individually configurable inputs and output these to four separate zones. Bass mid and treble and full mix and fade capability on each zone allow the perfect setup whatever your requirement.

This gives you maximum flexibility as well as allowing you to integrate the Jaybox into your existing multi-media technology

Jukebox Soft Landing System – Protecting your Hardware

Continual powering on and off at the mains is extremely damaging to computer components and hard disk drives in particular and is one of the main causes of hard disc failure.
It is for this reason that the Jaybox V3 digital jukebox incorporates the bespoke Soft Landing System technology.
This automatically detects the drop in mains power to the box and switches to battery whilst performing an orderly shutdown of the system and this system is unique to Jaybox.
This helps prevent unnecessary damage and greatly improves the reliability and life of your hardware.

Minimising breakdowns means happier customers and reduced costs!

Powered by Intel

We strive to provide the best deal for our customers and we believe with our upgraded motherboard we have achieved this. Not only does it provide a huge boost to processing performance, it also has a guaranteed production life of six years.This means the Jaybox Digital Jukebox will be supported well into the future.

Proven technology, maximum reliability combined with superb performance.