Coin Safe Technology – Expanded Cashbox

/Coin Safe Technology – Expanded Cashbox
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Coin Safe Technology – Expanded Cashbox

Coin Safe Technology

The Jaybox Coin Safe coin counter board not only displays the current meter reading but stores it within its own memory as well as
on the Hard Drive making it much more secure. It is also situated to allow coin collection without
needing to grant access to the internal components or software thus minimising any chance of damage to the components.

The Jaybox Coin board is also linked to our remote Live Access system so that you have full on-line visibility of coin take, faults and usage ensuring you are in full control of your revenue.

Expanded Cashbox

Jaybox has doubled the size of the cashbox within the unit. This reduces the site visits required yet further maximising your coin take and minimising your costs. The coin box is highly secure adding further protection for your business revenues.