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Business Driven & Customer Focused

Business Driven -Focused on the needs of your business

At Jaybox we fully understand that the Jukebox is part of your business strategy and is a tool to help you generate turnover and profit. Thats why we focus on the delivery of an industry leading music database combined with easy to use software, very reliable hardware and superb technical support. We want you to focus on what makes you money knowing that the music your customers want is always available making your venue one they want to spend money in.

Customer Focused – Happy customers – More profit

The end user are the people who visit your venue, purchase your goods and services and generate your profits. Thats why Jaybox supplies a music data base driven by the requests of the your customers, allows your customers to set up personalised playlists and ensures the Jaybox is profiled by your customers meeting their needs. At Jaybox we believe “Its all about the music”, and that music is driven by the needs and demands of your customers.