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Jaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia design

Digital Jukebox Technical

Agile design strategies and an open spares policy make the Jaybox digital jukebox a top choice for your venue!


Our aim is to provide the easiest to maintain product on the market and this is done by using only industrial quality components that are commercially available. This offers far better reliability and ensures that parts can be easily located should the need arise. Our open spares policy means we will share details on which hardware is compatible, providing options on sourcing replacement components.


Our use of agile software development ensures that JayBox continues to evolve and improve. Internet connected boxes are updated automatically, saving you the time and inconvenience. Jayboxes that are being operated as stand alone units can be easily updated with a USB stick
Our in-house team are serious about developing our engineering interface to make it as intuitive as possible. We regularly take advice from our customers to make sure that any alterations are in their favour, and welcome all suggestions.


Jaybox Live Access is a website provided to give you detailed information and usage data. This can be used to identify potential faults before a site visit is made meaning you arrive informed. With fault logs for coin mechanisms, connectivity reports and much more it is possible to find out what spares may be needed and some faults can be rectified remotely removing the need for a site visit at all.
Our Technical Team also have the ability to remotely log on to any box which is connected to the internet and supply even greater detail allowing them to work with you to ensure you have all the information you need.