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Jaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia design

Quality Digital Jukebox Support

There are many clear benefits of our JayBox to Operators. Our product delivers a tangible solution to ensure a cost-effective investment.

Friendly Service

We continue to provide market leading support for our digital jukebox both through our on-line “Live Access” portal, and also our personal phone support service. We understand your needs and strive to provide the help you need when you need it, this includes out of hours support from our technical team for your engineers.

Online Diagnostics/Remote Repair

Live Access gives operators and engineers of our touchscreen jukeboxes the ability to remotely monitor the operational status of a Jaybox. This provides the ability to identify maintenance needs prior to part failures which has the potential to allow scheduled maintenance visits and pre ordering of required parts prior to any visit. It also allows operators to optimize commercial performance by delivering up to date financial statistics so trends can be identified far sooner.

Jaybox online design means system faults can be diagnosed and often remedied without the need for costly site visits which saves you money and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Extended Lifespan

Jaybox digital jukebox is designed with maximum lifespan in mind, and it is to this end that where possible we use the highest quality embedded technology with a guaranteed shelf life. We also make all developments fully backwards compatible to allow affordable upgrading rather that the expense of replacing the entire jukebox unit. Combine this with the ability to replace the front fascia with bespoke designs of your choice keeps your unit fresh and current.

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