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Jaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia designJaybox fascia design

Jukebox Venue Licensees

People enjoying their favourite tracks will stay longer and will spend more as a result.


At JayBox we have compiled our musical database not only from all chart entries but from requests gathered from our users via our Interactive Request System (I.R.S). This means we are extremely confident when we say “we have the tracks your customers love.” We also reply to customer requests if they were logged onto the jukebox whilst they made the request which builds the bond between the user, encouraging footfall

Easy Interface

JayBox interface has been created to be as simple as possible; we wanted to make our digital jukebox accessible to as many people as possible, and features such as personal playlists and our highly intuitive search function make finding tracks easier than ever.